Service to Gas and Oil Networks


Main cathodic protection activities:

  • Reconditioned according to plants;
  • Data collection for plant design;
  • Sizing of cathodic protection systems;
  • Designing Plants on New or Existing Networks;
  • Installation installations both horizontal and vertical;
  • Planing and installation installations on of cement armed and structures in sea water;
  • Electrical balancing of networks with optimization of applied voltages;
  • Electrical tests on new and old pipes;
  • Drawing up and checking maintenance plans;
  • Maintenance of the plants with ready intervention;
  • Building and marketing alimentatori and material for cathodic protection;
  • Specialized technical consultancy;
  • Construction and installation of drains of current and mixed installations;
  • Research and development;
  • Searching for search engines, search engines, search engines;
  • Upgrade and specialization courses;
  • PCM instrument isolation test;

Main metrological activities:

  • Calibration repair and maintenance of all gas volume converters installed in the oars cab (re-alignment-reprogramming-inversion winter winter lines)
  • Maintenance and repair of MID volume converters (those installed on industrial or civilian utilities)
  • Installation and maintenance of electrical systems (telecontrol – thermoregulation) in the oak cabin, running Ex-d ATEX (explosion-proof or intrinsically safe)
  • Calibration of electronic and mechanical recording instruments (hand thermographs and handwriters)
  • Metering venturi systems calibration
  • Installation of dedicated measurement or adjustment systems.
  • Industrial process instrumentation (pressure-temperature-PHmetri-count liters-regulators pneumatic-loop measurement)