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Installed the new power supply solar panels and environmentally mod. T.E.S. at Brenner (BZ) in November 2014. The cathodic protection system was installed for the protection of a pipeline transport gas placed parallel to the rail network Italy-Austria. The cathodic protection system consists of n. 2 magnesium anodes (sink) n. 1 feeder T.E.S. n. 1 dielectric joint line separation of the pipe side and Italian side Austria. The choice of T.E.S. was performed for the following reasons:

  • Low environmental impact (installed at the center of the country Brenner Dolomites UNESCO)
  • No power 220V ac ENEL
  • Presence of stray currents on the pipe, both type and alternating for the presence of the two sub-stations, an Italian DC and an alternating current Austrian
  • Impossibility to perform one vertical traditional for the presence of soil with high resistance both electrical and mechanical.

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