District heating


To reduce maintenance costs and especially intervention costs,SAIT s.r.l.s. Provides an integrated monitoring and alarm system that allows timely reporting of damage, even if mild, allowing immediate action, so that the structure will not corrode early due to the propagation of the humidity zones. In this way, the plant life lasts only with the natural aging of the material.The effectiveness of the system consists in preventing damage, as well as in its detection, thus reducing repair work and it is possible to quickly and effectively detect any external damages.
The industry’s proven experience confirms that this is surely the most effective way to drastically reduce damages and reduce repair costs; Knowing what’s really happening on your network, thanks to an automated, centralized, and easy-to-use system, results in an immediate operational and economic benefit.

Control unit C 801

The C801 Monitoring Unit is a remote unit designed for the acquisition, processing, storage and transmission of moisture dispersion data in the district heating pipelines. The control unit can be connected to different conduits. Each track is monitored by reading three analog channels, corresponding to the three connections:
• connection to the tube
• connection to the return conductor
• Connection to sensor conductor